Chajul Public Health Care Project – Phase III

Chajul Pharmacy
  • Partner: ADIM (Asociacion para el Desarollo Integral de Multiservicios)
  • Began: September 2013
  • Ended: Ongoing

This project sees Sombrilla return to our original partnership with ADIM (Asociaćion para el Desarollo Integral de Multiservicios), a registered NGO in Guatemala. Discussions in 2011 ensued regarding community needs, which in due course led to the submission to Sombrilla in 2012 of an application for a new project. That project contributes to, and extends our original Public Health Care projects from the early 2000s.

One of the main focuses of ADIM is the development and operation of micro-pharmacies in several communities in the Chajul region. The ADIM work is in support of the Program for the Accessibility to Medication from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW). The goal is to provide medication at a fair price to traditionally neglected communities. These micro-pharmacies have been really successful and have helped thousands of families in the area.

ADIM wants to expand the pharmacies program to two additional communities that do not presently have access to local pharmacies.  These new communities are not in the traditional area served by ADIM, therefore new physical infrastructure and staff training is needed. Sombrilla will also provide support to ADIM to improve the administration, management and accountability of their existing six micro- pharmacies in the Chajul region.