Sombrilla depends heavily on volunteer support to keep the organization healthy and vibrant. Members and the public at large are encouraged to participate in the growth of the organization. There are a number of ways to do this based on an individuals desired level of commitment and availability.

Board of Directors

Any member of Sombrilla, which is in good standing, may join the Board of Directors of the organization. Members of the Board of Directors enjoy a one year term, which may be extended at Annual General Meetings with the acceptance of the membership.

Sub Committees

Volunteers may join one of three sub committees of the organization.

  • The Education Committee provides leadership in relation to the vision and direction of the public engagement work of the organization. It is responsible for membership development, volunteer recruitment, public relations, special events and fundraising.
  • The Projects Committee explores and identifies appropriate partnerships and projects with communities in Latin America that reflect local community priorities as well as Sombrilla's development priorities and values.
  • The Finance Committee ensures quality fiscal management of the organization. It assists with budgeting, banking, accounting, audits, tax deductible receipts, along with many other tasks.

Research-Action Groups

Sombrilla provides support to individuals and groups who are interested in exploring issues that are specific to Latin America. The concept of the Research / Action group focuses on the essence of our public engagement objective; to move from basic awareness to informed action. Areas of interest include the following:

  • Human Rights
  • Sustainable Development
  • Gender Equity
  • Labour Justice
  • Globalization

Support for Research / Action Groups is flexible, however, support is reserved to those initiatives that have clear strategies for conducting research, disseminating findings in a community based setting, and promoting action.

Event Support

Sombrilla is always in need of volunteers to assist with events. This includes the planning and hosting of events. Expectations for availability and levels of commitment are flexible.


We encourage all those who are interested in Sombrilla's activities to become members of the organization. Members of Sombrilla enjoy the following:

  • The right to vote at General Meetings
  • The opportunity to join the Board of Directors
  • Frequent newsletters
  • Discounted entrance fees at Sombrilla sponsored events

The cost of an annual membership is only $10.00, which is used to ensure that Sombrilla remains a dependable and committed partner to organizations throughout Latin America.